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The more popular Istanbul museums and main attractions can be viewed on ISTANBUL page 1 and page 2                                

( Turk Islam Eserleri Muzesi )

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art has an impressive collection of Islamic Art, housed in Ibrahim Pasha's old Palace. The building of the museum build in 1524 for Ibrahim Pasha, who's was the Grand Vizier of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.

Museum is located aside of Topkapi Palace. Historical building of this museum is one of the private residence that survived from Ottoman time to actual days.

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art is the place where you can learn about the lifestyles of Turks at every level of society, from the 8th century to the present.

Religious book Koran and its stands from all over the Islamic world and beautiful works of fine oriental rugs and kilim, tiles, wood carvings, ceramics, calligraphy pieces, Turkish folk life clothing, glassware and clayware of 40 thousand items which are very rich and eclectic array of Islamic artifacts from different epochs and civilizations.

MOSAIC MUSEUM   ( Mozayik Muzesi )

Mosaic Museum tucked behind the Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul.

This Museum was built to preserve exceptionally fine mosaic pavements from the 5th and 6th centuries (from the reign of Justinian, 527-565), which were in the Great Palace of the Byzantine Emperor.

Beautiful mosaics above depict mythological and hunting scenes including that of two men subduing a tiger. Museum open every day of the week, except Tuesdays.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM   ( Arkeoloji Muzesi )

Museum is located in Topkapi Palace complex and displays archeological pieces from the period 2500 B.C. to 500 A.D.

Items on display are antiquities from the Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hattie and Hittite civilizations and Greek, Roman, Byzantine architecture and sculpture, clayware, bronze, glassware plus coins and medallions.

Museum open daily, except Mondays. Ph. 212-5207740

MILITARY MUSEUM   ( Askeri Muze )

Museum is located In the north-western corner of Yildiz Park in Besiktas district of Istanbul.

Items on display are a number of the weapons, flags and banners plus honor medals and decorations from Ottoman army and Turkish Republic. And some personal artifacts belonging to Atatürk from the 1915 Gallipolis campaign. Also this museum offers royal tents which used for the meeting of the 'Divan' and another to house the Sacred Relics.

During summer months old Janissary Band present a show every afternoon, don't miss it!  Ph. 212-2321698

ATATURK MUSEUM   ( Ataturk Muzesi )

Istanbul Atatürk Museum is located in Sisli district of Istanbul (20-30 minutes drive from Taksim square). A beautiful three storied building was residence for Ataturk and his mother after his return from the Syrian front.

Earlier years in this museum this Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and friends held the secret meetings and conferences before he left Istanbul for Samsun, where he started the war of Independence.

The Museum contains Ataturk's some of personal belongings, plus historical pictures.

AVIATION MUSEUM   ( Havacilik Muzesi )

Museum Located in Istanbul's Atatürk Airport area. This Museum traces the development of flight technology in Turkey.

The museum which covers nearly 12.000 square meters of open and 3000 square meters of indoor space which displays a collection of war planes, cargo planes, helicopters, anti air craft artillery, missiles and radar items used in the Turkish Air Forces.

The MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS   ( Guzel sanatlar Muzesi )

(Open everyday except Monday & Tuesday) One of the best museums in Turkey for painting and sculpture, dating back to the late 19th century. Located at the Crown Prince Apartments of the Dolmabahce palace in Besiktas.

The Museum of Fine Arts displays Turkish paintings and sculptures from the end of the 19th century to the present day.

CALLIGRAPHY MUSEUM   ( Kaligrafi Muzesi )

This museum is located at Beyazit Square... which is very near to Sultanahmet Square. The building of this museum originally was a medrese (religions school) and was used also as municipality library up to 1945, then it became museum.

Of the Ottoman arts, Calligraphy was the most important. Such mundane items as tax reports, property deeds and imperial edicts became exquisite works of art. Each of the sultans had their own monogram in stylized script, called a tugra. Sultan Ahmet III and Sultan Bayazid II were skilled calligraphers.

Museum has an amazing collection of Korans, Tugras, Imperial orders and Seals, Hilya-i-Sherif ( description of the Mohammed), equipment and apparatus for calligraphic writing, miniatures, holly relics and samples of book binding.

Museum open daily, except Sundays and Mondays. Ph. 212-5275851

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This website launched: Aug. 25,2003 / Updated: April 20,2011

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