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Picture above shown
famous dish
( Doner kebap )

is an authorized TRAVELOCITY

Any tourist who's wishing to know ISTANBUL closely, should spend at least one week in this magnificent city!

Don't regret later, we are suggesting you make your travel plan widely.

For example; only discovering the Topkapi, the Saint Sophia, the Bosphorus or

the Grand Bazaar

and the most of other sites, will take, at least one full day of your vacation to explore around them.

In Turkey, despite the Islamic prohibition against wine and anything alcoholic, YES, there is a rich tradition associated with liquor.

Only strictly observant Moslems(Muslims) do not touch alcoholic beverages at all, but all other Turks drink. So, like many Turks, as a tourist, you too freely can consume alcoholic beverages in many places.

The favorite alcoholic drink is RAKI, also known by popular name of 'Aslan sutu' (lion's milk), which is an aniseed flavored drink, almost similar to the Greek 'Ouzo' or/and Arab 'Arak'.

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I m a g i n e   v i s i t i n g   a   c o u n t r y...

More people are discovering Turkey, a country where the mysteries of the East, the beauties of nature, and the pleasures of modern living are part of every day life. Rome ruled Anatolia and the Romans built hundreds of great theatres. At Ephesus (Efes), Roman audiences listened to the sermons of St.Paul as he toured the Seven Churches of Asia. St. Paul was born in Turkey's southern shore city Tarsus.

_ _ _ Don't you want have an unforgettable vacation ?


From April to October, most parts of Turkey have an ideal climate, providing perfect conditions in which a visitor can relax on the sandy beaches, enjoy the peace of mountains and lakes or visit all world-wide famous historical and archaeology sites. Sailing, fishing, skiing and bird watching are the other outdoor activities, which go on all year.

A cruise, which mostly called a BLUE VOYAGE is the setting for idyllic sailings which explore ancient archeological remains along Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean shores.

Did you know that Virgin Mary spent the last years of her life living near to town of Selcuk(Seljuk) and St. Nicholas (as known as Santa Claus) were born in Demre here in Southern Turkey?

Turkey is a tourist's paradise. Whatever is your interest, you will find it there...
The archaeology, architecture, religion, folklore, history, mountains, beautiful beaches and world class food.

In Istanbul you can actually walk across from one continent to the other. In history TURKEY always has been the country, where commerce between East and West has flourished for hundreds of years. Now, from all over the world more people are discovering modern Turkey and it's magnificent city Istanbul.
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TURKEY... it is a showcase of world history !

Hatties, Hittites, Phrygians, Urartians, Lycians, Galatians, Lonians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and in the700 years before the founding of the modern republic, Ottomans have all held important places in Turkey's history. Ancient sites and ruins scattered throughout the country give proof to each civilization's unique contribution to the country and its cultural heritage.


There is no doubt that one visit to Turkey (Turkiye) will not be enough for you, and we believe you will want to come back again and again...
as you discover one extraordinary place after another!

BURSA was the capital of the fledgling Ottoman State in the 14th century. Don't miss to visit this -all green- beautiful city and it's 'Yesil Turbe' (Green Mausoleum), 'Green Mosque'(Yesil Cami) and 'The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art'.

Bursa is located 63 miles(200 km) southeast of Istanbul. You can go to Bursa by bus. Buses usually take a ferry to cross the Marmara Sea to MUDANYA which is the closest port city to Bursa.

Bursa has grown into a modern city of nearly 2 million inhabitants without ever losing its real Turkish flavor. Its bazaar is one of the largest in the country, yet remains untouched by tourism. The city lies at the foot of the region's highest (2543 mt / 8315 ft) mountain of ULUDAG, the ancient Mt. Olympus of Mysia. ULUDAG is a volcanic peak and one of Turkey's the best winter sport center.

Bursa has been famous since Roman Times because of thermal springs (KAPLICALAR) in 'Cekirge' the district and for its food... especially the delicious peaches, chestnuts and DONER KABOB which is called ISKENDER. Bursa is also very famous for its TURKISH TOWELS, textile products, knives, bus manufacturing industry and silk products.

is the most popular sport in Turkey...

Soccer (Football) has been the most popular sport in Turkey for about a century. Soccer is called FUTBOL in Turkish. In Turkey, from little children to the elderly, everyone participates in the joy of soccer. Whenever you walk around in the streets, you will see many children playing soccer. Even when you take a ferry trip to cross
the city from one side to other in Istanbul, you might hear some loud conversations about soccer.

Soccer clubs are present in every city and major town in Turkey and are followed fanatically. Turkey's most renowned teams are the Istanbul triumvirate of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas.

Yes, soccer is loved in Turkey. When there is a competition between 2 famous national teams or a competition between the National Team with a foreign team, suddenly everything changes and soccer becomes the most important thing of that day. Whole life in general stops, almost nothing goes on more then people follow the game on TV or live in the stadium.

Recently the quality of Turkish soccer playing has improved greatly. As a result, some of the players have been chosen to play for teams in other European countries. The Turkish National team and a Turkish club teams have gained many victories in international competitions.

GALATASARAY is the club that got the European cup in 2001 and the Turkish National team won 3rd place in 2002 World Cup of Soccer. Also, in year 2004 the Turkish National Team received 3rd place in the Confederations Cup of FIFA.

If you like soccer, you already have millions of friends in Turkey!

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Let's make your holiday in Turkey more testy with

In Turkey there are lots of special events goes on year around. Join them and enjoy!
For a detailed list of special events, see our Special Events section or contact any Turkish Tourist Office. See list of Official Tourist Offices

If you are driving in Turkey, please drive defensively at all times!

Because of some of reckless drivers, unfortunately Turkey has one of the highest accident rates in the world.

Avoid intercity driving after dark... Especially during the summer season, which most people make their travel by buses and with their private vehicles.
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The Narghile
[ 'Nargile, in TR, 'Hookah',in US ]

First of all, let's make this clear that; NARGILE is not for drug use, it is for tabocco smoking!

During Ottoman's years, when time passed easly for many people, smoking a NARGILE was one of the way of enjoyment of their life in traditional Turkish Coffee Houses.

It is not a fast-done item. Smoking nargile takes more time than a cigarrette somoking. It goes very well together with a cup of Turkish coffee and it is most welcomed excuse for a chat beetwen friends.

Today's in busy life style, Turks no longer have time to sit back in a coffee house and smoke a water-pipe, like their ancestors. But Nargile is still popular and can be found in some of the old Turkish Coffee Houses('Kahve' or 'Kayvehane'), especially in Istanbul.

NARGILE mostly smoked by men in Turkey, but you can see some tobacco addict tourists in Istanbul and in other big cities, where ladies smoke Nargile too.

If you would like to purchase a Nargile, you can find it usually in gift stores everywhere also at the famous Grand Bazaar.

Turkey is land of
Birder's dream...

Turkey, which is situated at the meeting point of three continents, forms a bridge between the reproductive areas of birds in the north and their winter nests in the south.