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in Turkey

A country as old as Turkey, and with such a varied history of different cultures and civilizations, is bound to have a rich antiques marketplace.

From traditional Turkish crafts to some fine European furniture, Istanbul is a great place for antique collectors.

Please bear in mind that the unauthoriz-
ed export of any artefact over 100 years old is illegal.


- - -A place like Nordic fjord with the southern sun!
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( Ancient PHYSCUS )
is a popular resort town located in the southwest coast of Turkey, south of the province of MUGLA, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea meet.

Marmaris welcomes nearly 500,000 people during every tourism season.

This Mediterranean paradise of resort town can reached via Dalaman airport in MUGLA province. Dalaman International Airport is located between Turkey's Mediterranean coast cities of Marmaris and Fethiye and it is 31 miles (50 km) from the center of Marmaris. More road distance information can be seen in our other page.

Also coming to Marmaris by sea is popular by many tourists.
Traveling to/from to Turkey and Ferryboat Lines between Turkey and Greece)

Marmaris is just 20 miles (32km) N.E. of Greek island of Rhodos.
Other then this; coming to Marmaris by land might take time on Turkish roads. Because Marmaris located as on far deep southwest of the country, therefore travelling direct to Marmaris from Istanbul or Izmir takes long travel hours. But several luxury coach services are available to Marmaris during day and night time. Turkish roads distance chart

and in any other cities of Turkey ?
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 We can't exactly explain how beautiful Marmaris is really !

It is a natural harbor and perhaps you never seen such as charm as this one. With it's large number of bays and antique cities in the vicinity, along with the possibility of engaging in all types of water sports, Marmaris has become a favorite holiday destination for many people.

Marmaris weather forecast Click on icon left for Marmaris weather forecast.
In MARMARIS vacationer can spend a wonderfully relaxing holiday, sunbathing on golden beaches, skin-diving in translucent waters, fishing or taking boat trips to the creeks and island of the surrounding coast.


Many tourists take 'BLUE VOYAGE' (Mavi yolculuk, in Turkish) to see the real beauty of Turkish Mediterranean coast. Home-made luxuries wooden yachts called 'GULET' gets out of BODRUM, MARMARIS, FETHIYE, GOCEK and ANTALYA for 3 to 7 days sailing. Taking this kind of journey is the best way to spend your holiday in this area.

The ancient PHYSCUS (today's Marmaris), was port of the southwest Aegean Kingdom of CARIA. At that era the two most powerful cities of which were KNIDOS and the capital HALICARNASSUS (today's Bodrum).

In that time PHYSCUS (Marmaris) was a small trading town on the ANATOLIA - RHODES - EGYPT route.

In the 6th Century B.C., Caria fell to the Lydians and was then subjugated by the Persians, until Alexander the Great ousted them in 334 B.C.

The Romans conquered the region by 163 B.C., and after division of the Roman Empire the area fell under Byzantine rule. And finally the region was wrested from the Byzantines in 1282 by the Turkish Emir of MENTES and in 1425 the rule of the OTTOMAN TURKS was established here.

In the 16th century Suleyman the magnificent had a citadel built on a hill, the remains of which can still be seen today. Also during his victorious campann to conquer RHODES fortress of Marmaris has been built. A beautiful panorama of the Marmaris Bay still can see from this historical fortress.

Fortress is set in a deep bay with narrow outlet to the sea...   the scenery is almost fjord-like, with pine clad hills sloping steepty into the sea and the emerald of the pine forests contrasting with the turquoise of the limpid sea.

Every year thousands of tourist from all around the world visit Marmaris. With the emergence of different cultures, Marmaris continues to change and become one of the global villages that welcomes anyone.

With over 8,333 kilometers of coastline along four seas, Turkey is a treasure for sailers and Marmaris play a big role in this. It is a year-round home for many foreigners, a large number of whom have yachts in the modern marina. The population rises from 15,000 in winter to around 75,000 in summer.

Marmaris's marina of NETSEL MARINA is one of the largest and best equipped marinas in the country and the second one 'Albatross Marina' is one of the best for wintering and maintaining yachts, make Marmaris an excellent starting point for the 'Blue Voyage' tour of the Aegean and Mediterranean shores.

The Marmaris International Yachting Club every year organizes the Marmaris International Race Week Series at the end of the yachting season. During the evening of this week also several Social Events are held.

Near Marmaris, at IÇMELER, the hazy mountains of the interior slope down to sandy beaches. Under blue skies, the clear sea is ideal for all types of water sports. Many visitors find this area so irresistable that they stay longer than originally planned.

When are you in Marmaris you also a big chance geting daily visit to Rodos Island on Greek side. A selection of marine companies offer regular ferry boat services from Marmaris to Rhodes and back throughout the year. Boat ride takes only less then 2 hours.  Click here for ferries schedule information

Marmaris is very famous with its honey production. Honey has a very unique test of citrus. When are you in this area don't forget purchasing some jars of honey to take home with you!

Nightlife of Marmaris is exciting and gets crazy every night on the Bar street, which is located in town center. There are lots of high class discos, live music bars and karaoke bars, where you can find the best music for your test and enjoy your evening.

Also as an alternative you can head to ICMELER direction and enjoy your evening at UZUNYALI region(1mi/1.6km from Bar street or 3mi/5km from marina), where along the beautiful Uzunyali Beach there are lots of night clubs, discos and cafe-bars.

But if you prefer having a quite night in town, there are also many of nice small cafe-bars along the town waterfront.

Another alternative for nightlife in Marmaris is taking a romantic boat tour around the bay. It is very reasonably priced and the boats offer open bar and their mid-night excursion takes about 3 and half hours.

Click for Dalaman, Turkey Forecast


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This website launched: Aug. 25,2003 / Updated: June 28,2011

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in Marmaris?

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Marmaris is a year-round home for many foreigners, a large number of whom have yachts in the modern INETSEL Marina.

There many things you can see in Marmaris. Start with the Castle, that over looks the bay of Marmaris.

The colorful Bazar of Marmaris is in the center of town. Also city's Ataturk Park is very nice place to visit. The population rises from 15 000 in winter to around 75 000 in summer.