All about the Turkish Language

The Turkish language belongs to the URAL-ALTAIC GROUP and has the Finno-Hungarian Languages. There are 29 latin letters in the Turkish alphabet.

About 150 million people speak Turkish. Most of them live in The Republic of Turkey where Turkish is the official language.

You can view and practice a little bit of Turkish

Through the span of history, Turks have spread over a vast geographical area, taking their language with them. During the Ottoman era, Turkish speaking people lived in a wide area stretching from today's Mongolia to the northern coast of the Black Sea (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan), the Balkans (Bulgaria, Macedonia), East Europe (Greece), Iraq, Syria, Iran and a wide area of northern Africa. Today various dialects and accents have emerged from these distances.

In Cyprus, Turkish is (a) the co-official language with Greek. In Western Europe and especiall in Germany, Turks have been "guest workers" for about forty years, as a result there is a considerable segment of the population who speak Turkish.

The Turkish alphabet contains all letters of the Latin alphabet. Written Turkish uses the same letters used in English except q, w and x and uses several additional vowel and consonant characters such as i, o, u and c, , same in every situation.
In general, most letters are pronounced about the same as in English or German but with a few exceptions(Ö and Ü). Pronunciation of Turkish words is phonetic with all letters having the same value in every situation. In general, most letters are pronounced about the same as in English or German but with a few exceptions (O(with two dots on it) and U(with two dots on it)).

There are 29 letters in Turkish alphabet:
A B C C D E F G H I I J K L M N O O(with two dots on it) P R S T U U(with two dots on it) V Y Z
A b c c d e f g h i i j k l m n o o(with two dots on it) p r s t u u(with two dots on it) v y z

a  like in art
e  like in bear
u  like in you
c  like in chart
k  like in kick
o  like in early

C is pronounced J in Turkish. The Turkish alphabet uses letters with the cedilla, or tail.
For pronunciation purposes, the spellings have changed here from the cedilla C or S', for example: to CH and SH for phonetic purposes.

Basic words in Turkish :
Hello: Merhaba
Good-bye : Allahaismarladik (said by the person leaving)   /   Gule-Gule (said by the person seeing his/her friend off)
Good morning: Gunaydin
Good evening: Iyi aksamlar
Good night: Iyi geceler
How are you?: Nasilsiniz?
I am well (I'm ok!): Iyiyim ( Tamam)
I am well, thank you: iyiyim, tesekkur ederim
Yes: Evet (eh-veht)
No: Hayir (hay-yurh)

Another way saying HAYIR (No !) is 'YOK' (yohk), which literally means 'it doesn't exist'.

Please: Lutfen
Thank You: Tesekkur ederim  or  Mersi (Merci)
I want ... : Ben ... istiyorum
For example; I want a cup of coffee: Ben kahve istiyorum
or "I want to visit St.Sophia Museum: Ben Ayasoya Muzesini ziyaret etmek istiyorum
I want water, please : Su istiyorum, lutfen
Yes, I want to see it : Evet, onu gormek istiyorum
I want to buy two : Iki tane almak istiyorum
I want to buy two of this : Bundan iki tane almak istiyorum
I want to buy two of this but not in same color: Bundan iki tane almak istiyorum ama ayni renkte degil
No thanks, I don't want to buy : Hayir tesekkur ederim, almak istemiyorum
I want to go Turkey : Ben Turkiye'ye gitmek istiyorum
We want to go Istanbul : Biz Istanbul'a gitmek istiyoruz
We want to eat : Biz yemek yemek istiyoruz
We want to eat now : Biz simdi yemek yemek istiyoruz
We want to go to a restaurant now : Biz simdi bir lokantaya gitmek istiyoruz
I want to go to a restaurant now : Ben simdi bir lokantaya gitmek istiyorum
I do not want ... : istemiyorum ...
No, I do not want : Hayir, istemiyorum ...
Thank you We do not want : Tesekkur ederiz, istemiyoruz ...
It is very nice : Cok iyi or Cok guzel
It is wonderful! : Harikulade! or Mukemmel!
It is expensive : Pahali
It is very expensive ! : Azami pahali !
Can I get it for less? : Daha ucuza alabilirmiyim?
I can pay maximum 500 liras : Azami bes yuz lira veririm or En fazla bes yuz lira oderim

Numbers in Turkish :

This can be fun for you !
Please go ahead and try the pronounciation that would be a clange enough.

What this typical politician use is just one word and it is literally correct:
" It is due to the fact that it will not be possible for them to be organized "

As you can see...
English translating of this single Turkish word takes a seventeen words sentence.
No,no... we are not trying to scare or discourage you from using the Turkish language. It is just a novelty. By the way; the word shown in the cartoon is almost never used in today's Turkish and perhaps there is not any other word in Turkish as long as this one.

Expressions of time:
When? : Ne zaman?
When are you coming? : Ne zaman geleceksin?
When are we going? : Ne zaman gidiyoruz or Ne zaman gidecegiz?
Yesterday: Dun
Today: Bugun
Tomorrow: Yarin
Morning: Sabah
This morning: Bu sabah
Tomorrow morning: Yarin sabah
Yesterday morning: Dun sabah
Afternoon: Ogleden sonra
This afternoon: Bu gün ogleden sonra
Yesterday afternoon: Dun ogleden sonra
Tomorrow afternoon: Yarin ogleden sonra
Evening: Aksam
This evening: Bu aksam
Tomorrow evening: Yarin aksam
Yesterday evening: Dun aksam
The night before: Evvelki aksam
Night: Gece
Tonight: Bu gece
Tomorrow night: Yarin gece
Last night: Dun gece
One hour: Bir saat
Three hours: Uc saat
Eight hours: Sekiz saat
What time is it?: Saat kac?
At what time?: Ne zaman? or Saat kacta?
At what time will we arrive Istanbul?: Istanbul'a saat kacta gelecegiz?
How many hours takes to Istanbul?: Istanbul kac saat surer?
This week: Bu hafta
This month: Bu ay
This year: Bu yil
Next week: Gelecek hafta
Next year: Gelecek yil
Last week: Gecen hafta
Last year: Gecen sene
A few years ago...: Bir kac yil once or Bir kac yil evvel...

Days of the Week
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Pazar, Pazartesi, Sali, Carsamba, Persembe, Cuma, Cumartesi

Travel Terms :
Airport: Hava alani or Hava limani
My flight: Benim ucagim or Benim seferim
Seaport/Pier: Liman
The ship: Gemi
My ship: Benim gemim or seferim
Town Center: Sehir merkezi
Where?: Nerede?
Where is it? / Where is that?: O nerede?
Where is the Blue Mosque?: Sultanahmet camii nerede? OR Mavi cami nerede?
Is it far?: Uzakmi?
Is it near?: Yakinmi?
How far is it: Ne kadar uzak? / Ne kadar uzakta?
Can I go there by walking?: Oraya yuruyerek gidebilirmiyim?
Can we go there by walking?: Oraya yuruyerek gidebilirmiyiz?
Can person go there by walking?: Oraya yuruyerek gidilirmi?
Be careful!: Singular -> Dikkatli ol! / Plural -> Dikkatli olun!
Tourism Bureau: Turizm burosu / Turist ofisi
I want a good hotel: Iyi bir otel istiyorum
I am looking for a good hotel: Iyi bir hotel ariyorum
I want a good and reasonable hotel: Iyi ve economik bir otel istiyorum.
I am looking for a good and reasonable hotel: Iyi ve ekonomik bir otel ariyorum.
I want a cheap hotel: Ucuz bir otel istiyorum
I am looking for a hotel at a moderate price: Uygun fiatli bir otel ariyorum
I am looking for a hotel near here: Buraya yakin bir otel ariyorum
I am looking for a hotel near Topkapi palace: Topkapi Palasa yakin bir otel ariyorum
I am looking for a hotel in or near to Sultanahmet Meydani: Ben Sultanahmet Meydaninda veya yakininda bir otel ariyorum
What do you recommend? / Where do you recommend?: Nereyi tavsiye edersiniz? / Nerede tavsiye edersiniz?
Is it reasonable in price?: Fiati uygunmu? / Fiati makulmu?
For example, what can be a room for two?: Mesela, iki kisilik bir oda ne kadardir?
Can we call and ask? Arayabilir ve sorabilirmiyiz?
A restaurant: Lokanta / Restaurant
Where can I find a restaurant? : Nerede bir lokanta var? / Nerede bir restaurant bulabilirim?
Where can I find a hotel over there (in Izmir) ? : Orada(Izmir'de / Istanbul'da) nerede bir otel bulabilirim?
Where can I find a cab : Nerede bir taksi bulabilirim?
Hospital: Hastahane or Hastane
Where is the hospital? : Hastane nerede? / Hastahane nerededir?
Where is the nearest hospital? : Burada en yakin hastane nerede? / Burada en yakin hastahane nerededir?
I need a doctor! : Benim bir doktora ihtiyacim var!
Urgent, I need a doctor! : Cok acele bir doktora ihtiyacim var!
Urgent, we need a doctor! : Cok acele bir doktora ihtiyacimiz var!
Urgent, I need a doctor for my husband/wife! : Esim icin cok acele bir doktora ihtiyacim var!
Urgent! : Acele ! or Cok acele !
Will you please help me? : Lutfen bana yardim edermisiniz?
Will you please help us? : Lutfen bize yardim edermisiniz?
Please, I need your help : Lutfen, sizin yardiminiza ihtiyacim var
Please, we need your help : Lutfen, sizin yardiminiza ihtiyacim var

Helpful vocabulary : (In hotel & restaurant)
Please: Lutfen
A room: Bir oda
The room: Oda
My room: Benim odam
Our room: Bizim oda
Two rooms: Iki oda
Two separate rooms: Iki ayri oda
Room with a balcony: Balkonlu oda
A room with a view: Manzarali bir oda
Bed: Yatak
Two beds: Iki yatak
A room with two beds: Iki yatakli bir oda
Restroom/Toilet: Banyo or Tuvalet
Two people: Iki kisi
Three people: Uc kisi
The bill: Hesap or Fatura or Fis
Water: Su
Bottled water: Sise suyu
Mineral Water: Maden suyu
Milk: Sut
Tea (black) or (Turkish tea) Cay
Turkish Coffee: Kahve or Turk kahvesi
Instant coffee: Nescafe
Filtered coffee: Filtre kahve
Ice: Buz
Coke with ice: Buzlu koka-kola
Sugar: Seker
I want... without sugar: Sekersiz... istiyorum
Breakfast: Kahvalti
Fruit juice: Meyva suyu
Do you have fresh orange juice?: Taze hazirlanmis portakal suyunuz varmi?
No, I don't want carbonated orange juice in a bottle! : Hayir, ben sisede portakal suyu istemiyorum
I want freshly squeezed orange juice : Ben taze portakal suyu istiyorum
Do you have freshly squeezed orange juice? : Taze portakal suyunuz varmi?
Wine: Sarap
White wine: Beyaz sarap
Red wine: Kirmizi sarap
Rose wine: Pembe sarap
Beer: Bira
A very cold beer please: Lutfen cok soguk bir bira
Bread: Ekmek
Rice: Pilav
Chicken: Tavuk
Hen: Pilic
Grilled chicken: Izgara tavuk
Fish: Balik
Grilled fish: Izgara balik
Deep fried fish: Yagda balik
Meat: Et
Mutton: Koyun eti
Lamb: Kuzu eti
Beef: Sigir eti
Veal: Dana eti
Pork meat: Domuz eti
Ice: Buz
I want icey water please: Ben buzlu su istiyorum lutfen
I want more ice please: Lutfen, ben biraz daha buz istiyorum
Don't you have ice? : Buzunuz yokmu?
Do you have ice? : Buzunuz varmi?
It is spicy! : Aci !
It is very spicy! : Cok aci !
I can't eat this, it is very/too spicy! : Bu cok aci, yiyemem! or Bu çok aci, hayir ben yiyemem!
I can't eat anything spicy! : Acili hiç bir sey yiyemem !
I don't want anything spicy! : Acili hiç bir sey istemiyorum !
Please no spice on my order : Lutfen benim siparisimi acisiz yapin
Yes, I want it spicy! : Evet, onu acili istiyorum !
Yes, I want spicy! : Evet, acili istiyorum !
No, I don't want spicy! : Hayir, acili istemiyorum !
I want a little bit spicy Ben biraz acili istiyorum or Ben hafif acili istiyorum
Nothing spicy, please! : Katiyetle acisiz lutfen ! or Tamamiyle acisiz lütfen!
Please, Without hot spice / No chili: Lutfen, acisiz
I can not eat hot-spicy food: Ben acili yiyemem
We can not eat hot-spicy food: Biz acili yiyemeyiz
I can eat a little bit hot-spicy, but not too much: Ben biraz acili yiyebilirim fakat cok degil
I don't want it hot-spicy! : Ben acisiz istiyorum!
I got burned... It is very hot(spicy)! : Yandim... bu cok aciymis :)
Is it okay? : Tamammi ? / iyimi ?
Okay! : Tamam! or Evet! or Tamam, tamam! or just nodd your head forward and down :)

Shopping :
Shopping center: Carsi or Hipermarket / Alis veris merkezi
Grocery store: Market or Hipermarket / Supermarket or Bakkal (Especially in a small town and villages)
Pharmacy: Eczane or Eczahane
I want to go to a pharmacy: Ben eczahaneye gitmek istiyorum
How much is this?: Bu ne kadar? or Bunun fiati nedir ?
How much is that?: O ne kadar? or Onun fiati nedir ?
It is expensive: Bu pahali or O pahali
It is very expensive: Cok pahali
This is very expensive: Bu cok pahali
This is expensive for me: Bu benim için pahali
It is cheap: Bu ucuz / ucuz
Yes, I want to buy it: Evet, onu satin almak istiyorum
Yes, I want to buy this: Evet, bunu satin almak istiyorum
I like it: Onu begendim / Onu sevdim
I like this: Bunu begendim / Bunu sevdim
I like it very much: Onu cok begendim / Onu cok sevdim
I like this very much: Bunu cok begendim / Bunu cok sevdim
I don't like it: Begenmedim / onu begenmedim
No, I don't like this: Hayir, bunu begenmedim
No thanks, I don't like those: Hayir, tesekkur ederim onlari begenmedim
No thanks, we don't like those: Hayir, tesekkurler, onlari begenmedik
Do you have another one?: Baska bir tane daha varmi ?
You have lots of things but you don't have the color I want: Sizde cok sey var ama benim aradigim renk yok
Do you have in another design?: Baska desende olani varmi ?
What other colors do you have?: Baska hangi renklerde var ?
I like solid colors: Ben duz renkleri seviyorum
I don't like mixed colors: Ben karisik renkleri istemiyorum
Do you have it in other sizes?: Baska boylarda olanlari varmi ?
It is small: O kucuk
This is small: Bu kucuk
Is this the smallest?: Bu en kucuk olanimi ? / Bu en kucuk boymu ?
It is too big: cok buyuk
This is too big: Bu cok buyuk
I want a little bit smaller size of this: Ben bunun biraz daha kucuk boyundan istiyorum
Please, can you wrap it in a nice package?: Lutfen, bunu guzel bir paket yaparmisiniz ?
Bank: Banka
Where is the bank?: Banka nerede ?
Automatic teller machine: Bankamatik
Where is the ATM (Automatic teller machine)?: Bankamatik nerede ?
I don't have any more money: Baska param yok or Bundan baska param yok
I don't have change: Bozuk param yok or Bozugum yok
Don't you accept credit cards? : Kredi karti kabul etmiyormusunuz ?
Do you accept credit cards? : Kredi karti kabul ediyormusunuz ?

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