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    Our website combines a dynamic range of premium travel content with a large on-line audience interested in travel and specifically in Turkey. This combination allows us to offer a wide variety of highly customizable marketing programs that will help you achieve your advertising and marketing goals.

    We do not charge commissions from your own sales!

    Many people visit every day, and they will be seeing your message!
    Our comprehensive website has several sections for different regions of the country.
    It covers many intersting and historic locations throughout the Turkey.

    You may chose to promote your business on the most relevant, targeted content page about Turkey.
    If you agree, advertise your business with us. We'll create a banner for you at no extra cost!
    We always pay special attention to detail and aim to provide the highest quality design and service. We understand that each banner design must be unique and therefore we will do our best for your maximum satisfaction.

    Banners and buttons are Internet billboards. They can be static or animated graphic images representing your brand or trade identity, service or product. By clicking on banners, viewers are directly connected to your website, a promotion, a coupon or any specified area.

    If you don't have a website, we can even build one immediately(extra charge applies). Website can be attached either to our website by a sub-domain or to your own domain. In today's business life your business can not afford to be without an on-line presence. Please contact us... we'll work with you to suit your needs and budget.

    We offer the following options:


    Standard 115x64 banners throughout the web sites are excellent for grabbing attention and building consumer awareness of your business. Banners are available on nearly every page of
    By clicking on banners, viewers are directly connect to your website and your prospective client(s) will be able to reach you directly.

    All advertisers need to be provided 115X64 size of banner(S).

    All banner advertisement rates get you 2 displays of your choice on 2 different areas of our website. (For example: One is on 'Turkey/part2' and the other one on 'Marmaris' page, etc.)

    (A list is a text only ad or one with minimal graphics presentation)

    If you have a Hotel or Travel/Tour agency we can list your Business in related page. We will display your business name, address and your contact information, including email address and website URL(if applicable). By clicking on an email address and/or on web address, viewers will be able to reach you directly. When you list your business we can even publish a small sized picture of your business or logo together with your business features.


    Sponsorships with provide advertisers with a high profile stationary banner (468 x 64) which will be located near the top of the page. In addition, each sponsor will have their choice of which web-page or section they would like to advertise.

    By advertising with a large banner, you will stand out from the competition because you will be clearly reflecting the company's power in the market place. Any click on a sponsorship's banner will be linked to their website for even more advertising presence. If you do not already have a banner - that is not a problem - we will design one especially for you.

A full payment required for all advertisement plans.
All banner advertisement rates get displays on two of our pages(one display in ea. page) customer's choice.

Customers who wants to display their same banner on more than 2 pages; on another 2 extra pages, gets a 30% off for additional request.
A banner can be displayed regardless of its color contents, animation functionality, nature of business, availability of space is on a first come-first served basis. For better artistic and technical results we always avoid banners too close to each other by similarity in colors and animation pattern. reserves the right to change banner's actual place(s) if be come necessary.
After displaying your advertisement on our website, if you want a location changed, this might or might not be possible to accomplish.
Advertisement requests will be accepted from any country which is in operation area of PayPal system.
We reserve the right to decline any inappropriate ads.
We reserve the right to change our prices any time without prior notice.

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