On a entry the following items may be brought into Turkey(Türkiye) duty free :

  • Personal effects of the tourist,
  • One TV (black and white),
  • One color pocket TV,
  • One TV/tape/radio combination,
  • One video recording camera and five video cassettes (blank),
  • Five records, five tape cassettes or compact discs
  • One video player, cine-projector (8 mm) and 10 rolls of film (blank),
  • One slide projector,
  • One pocket computer, electronic playing devices (without cassette - keyboard)
  • One transistor radio and portable radio-tape player (its specification to be determined by the Ministry of Finance and Customs),
  • One walkman or pocket tape recorder, one portable compact disc player
  • A pair of binoculars,
  • Harmonica, Mandolin, Flageolet, Flute, Guitar and Accordion (only one of each type, maximum three musical instruments),
  • Personal sporting equipment,
  • Necessary medical items
  • Bicycle, Baby buggy, toys,
  • 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars,
  • 200 grams of tobacco and 200 cigarette papers, or 50 grams of chewing tobacco, or 200 grams of pipe tobacco, or 200 grams of snuff,
  • 1.5 kg coffee, 1.5 kg instant coffee, 500 grams of tea,
  • One kilo chocolate and one kilo Candies,
  • Five (100 cc) or seven (70 cc) bottles of wines and/or spirits,
  • Five bottles of perfume (120 ml max each),
  • One portable typewriter,
  • One camera with five rolls of film,
  • First aid, and spare parts for the car,
  • Other items necessary during the journey

    On Exit :
    Gifts and souvenirs :
  • For a new carpet, a proof of purchase is necessary.
  • For old items, a certificate from a directorate of a museum is necessary.
  • Export of antiques from Turkey is forbidden.
  • Valuable personal items can only be taken out of the country providing they have been registered in the owner's passport on entry, or providing they can show they have been purchased with legally exchanged currency.
  • Minerals may only be exported from the country with a special document obtained from the MTA (General Directorate of Mining Exploration and Research, Tel: 312-2873430)

    N o t e s :

  • Valuable items and all items with a value of over $15,000 must be registered in the owner's passport on entering Turkey, for control upon exit.
  • Antiques brought into the country must be registered in the owner's passport to avoid difficulties on exit.
  • Sharp instruments (including camping knives) and any kind of weapons may not be brought into the country without special permission.
  • The bringing into the country, trade, and consumption of marijuana and all other narcotics is strictly forbidden and subject to heavy punishment.
  • Gifts, not exceeding 500 DM in value and not for trading purposes, may be brought into the country duty free. In addition, gifts not exceeding 500 DM in value may be posted to Turkey duty free, if the date stamped by the sending post-office falls one month before, or one month after the following holidays:
    Seker Bayram, Kurban Bayram, Christmas, New Year.

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